Before trying to explain what a lifetime basketball hoop is, we would like to make people understand starting with what a basketball game is. A basketball game is a game that is played between two teams of five players each side, they score the goals by throwing the ball into a netted hoop that is fixed at each end of the court, if the ball goes through the hoop, a score is counted. The ball that is used is a special one that is inflated and very hard so that it is bouncy as well. There are two basketball hoops in total, in one court.

A basketball hoop is something that is used so that the score of either teams can be calculated. The more balls are passed through the net, the higher the score is.  The net helps to control the direction of the basketball when it is going through the rim, and also it controls the ball, when the ball hits the rim first and then the basket ball bounces through it. The basketball hoop helps to slow the basketball down so that it is not always bouncing far away from the respective place, and also, after a try and usually makes the ball able to land in the same specific area after going through the net of the basketball hoop. It also makes it easier to see if the player has a made bucket. Without a net on the basketball hoop, it is sometimes not very easy to tell if someone or the player we can say, has made a bucket or not. A basketball hoop helps in all of this stuff generally.

There are two main reasons for which a basketball court must have a basketball hoop and then the hoop should have a net as well on them. Having a net helps in slowing the ball down. In this way when the ball goes through the net of the basketball hoop, the ball’s speed will slow down and it will drop down. The ball would not fly through and have the other players run after the ball because of there being no net of the hoop at all. The second and according to many people one of the most important point is that a net makes it easier to see if the goal has happened. For example, in a game of basketball, if a ball has gone through the basketball hoop, no one would be very sure of it and many debates might take place rather there would be an easy decision to be taken if there is a net on the hoop that it will make sure that the score is happening or no.