A business may start with a few employees but go on to be a multimillion company. Managing the human resources, or in simple terms, the people that are working there, is easier when there area only a few. However multiply it by 10 or 20 times and you have to hire a whole HR department and still there will be problems. But HR is the most valuable resource you have. People with relevant skills and knowledge specific to your trade are hard to come by and even though you hire a new person there is a learning curve and it will take some time for them to “learn the ropes”.

Preserving the current set up

Treating your existing employees the best is the ideal method to preserve the situation at hand. If you have good employees, that is great. However not everyone is going to be decent at their work. Some might take longer to learn it, some might not do it right after so many attempts at teaching them. Nevertheless unless it is absolutely necessary firing an employee is not advisable. There are various techniques available to enhance the capacity of a person. This particular worker might be having personal problems, issues at home or psychological matters. We are not aware of them; it is best therefore, to have someone talk to them. If there is a counsellor at work, that would be a great initiative; however whatever the problem it is, there is nothing a kind word or a corporate personal training Parramatta session cannot resolve. 

Employee welfare

People not only look for money when they choose a job, they want to see how they will be treated, what are the career advancement opportunities, what welfare initiatives are there for employees and so on. A health insurance is a lame excuse for a welfare plan as it has now become a must in every company. Instead, you can try things that are advantageous for both parties, such as financing higher education relevant to the job they are doing, sponsor seminars and workshops, give maternity as well as paternity leave, have a day care center at work and more. These may seem like trivial stuff but it adds a great value to employees’ outlook of the organization.

Employee health

An accusation that is directed at most organizations is that the type of work they must do, involves a lot of physical pressure that is not good for their health. For example, a software engineer has to sit for long hours and if the seating is not ergonomically designed that can be a strain on the back of the person, making long lasting issues. Heart issues due to low physical activities can lead to even death. Therefore, starting some kind of a trusted personal training programme at work can be advantageous. Google and Microsoft like world top companies are forefront in this sort of initiatives. People must be happy and contend to work efficiently and effectively. It is the employer’s job to pave the way for it.

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